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Dog Training by a Certified Professional Trainer, Tucson, Arizona

Customized Dog Training will take the stress out of your relationship with your dog.
New Dogs – Old Trix was founded in 2010 specifically to develop a conflict and confrontation free, rewards-based training environment where dogs are taught the correct behaviors through easy to learn, clearly communicated, fun exercises that build their confidence and self-esteem. By establishing that foundation of trust and understanding through patience and marked successes, all other aspects of training flow more easily and corrective measures are required less frequently. The old school philosophy of teaching a dog by intimidation and coercive corrections seemed at odds with the loving, trusting relationship I wanted with my own dogs. I knew there had to be a better way for all involved.

If your new dog isn’t all you expected he’d be, don’t despair. If you are you starting to feel frustrated and guilty at the daily chaos, New Dogs – Old Trix offers customized in-home (Board & Train) dog training programs in Tucson and southern Arizona. Our approach to dog training is built around helping dogs and their humans understand each other’s needs.

Dog training in Tucson, AZ that gets results.
Effective communication is a key element in all we do. It is no different with your canine companion. Do you need assistance deciphering canine lingo? Your dog is communicating to you at all times. Do you know how to interpret the messages? Do you recognize when your dog is conversing with other dogs and what they are signaling to each other? Many times it appears that dogs begin fighting “out of the blue.” That is not the case.  Is your dog a resource guarder? Does your dog guard food, toys, you, etc.? Does your new canine companion tend to “love” you too much by jumping and licking? Does your pet suffer from separation anxiety? Or, does your pet try to escape every time a door is left open? Are you comfortable bringing your dog out in public? To the Vet’s office? To a restaurant? Does your dog have the tools to know what is expected of them in these situations? Do you understand your dog’s motivation for the behaviors they exercise that are incompatible for life with humans?

Specializing in customized, one-at-a-time, in-home dog training.
If you answered yes to any of these questions, New Dogs – Old Trix has the dog training solution for your little trouble maker.
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